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Labor Force  Participation 

How has the pandemic disrupted labor force participation differently across demographic groups? 

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New as of March 2021

Income Inequality

What was the region's income gap pre-COVID-19, and will it  widen post-pandemic?


Tracking Economic Recovery from the COVID-19 Recession in the Bay Area

COVID-19 has created lasting impacts on local, regional, and national economies. In early 2020, several industries including the airline, restaurant, and tourism industries were deeply affected by shelter in place mandates and travel guidelines. Today, these effects have transferred to other industries, leading to layoffs, furloughs, and hiring freezes as budget cuts become the new normal.


Six months into the COVID-19 crisis, economies across the U.S. are recovering jobs in some industries, while continuing to see losses in others. In an effort to understand the health of the Bay Area economy throughout the COVID-19 recession, this page will track regional recovery and provide monthly updates using data from the California Employment Development Department and Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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